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Visiting some of your information maybe collect to help you stay connect,login and help you keep your information for feature and important purposes.

This information maybe your Google Gmail account, your name, and your location. In time of getting in touch with our visitors for any complaint about our website or services, updating them for any new contents on our blog we will be able to address him or her by name, reaching them by mail, and knowing their location when keeping record……..

COOKIES: What’s the use of cookies/ what does it work for….?

It been used to track any website activities when people visit the site the server gives you a cookies that will store or save your login detail to your browser, so that a web server can gather information on the most used pages and page that has the  most repeated hits.


COMMENT: This is also the method in which we collect and store visitors information in a way that when you want to commend on a post you will need to fill in your Name, Gmail, maybe Phone, and your Website.


For every display ads on our website is directly from  our advertising company and partners, this is to help broadcast their products online automatically in a way of appearing in a video format.

Is optional to you if you which to put off the cookies, you can do that through you browser, find out more about cookies management won’t be head responsible for any damage or lost in time of staying or visiting our website…..

Online Privacy Policy Only
9jatoosweet privacy policy only applies to the online activities…….

You must have agreed to our terms and condition of 9jatoosweet privacy policies before using / loging your information to our website

For the change / updating of this very policy will be / is been done yearly except there’s a new introduced system of operating this platform, that means this private policy has been updated early April 2020.

If you think there is an I information you need to know more about kindly send us massage immediately to our WhatsApp +2349039355727 or Contact us 09070773144.