Our privacy policy is to make you well understand some of the reason why we must collect some important and personal information  and data to give our website a better development and storing your information for our easy access.

All this data of yours won’t be expose publicly rather it remains with us for proper documentary which maybe helpful in improving our website to a level of standard.



Why must we collect your name and Email before commenting 

This is one of the main purpose for you submit your name and email while commenting on any if the post.

We do all this because we will need to approve your comment(s), get to know your name maybe in time of replying your comment we may include your name to address you properly .

To communicate with you for an important information we need to gather from you due to maybe your comment in our website


How do we collect some of those information of yours?

When visiting our website, we collect your information like location from Google map, your name and Email when you comment .


Purpose of Using Cookies 

We make use of cookies to help you restore your previous job and transfer files to your computer through your browser and allow you and provide recognition to your computer. It we make us improve your preferences based on previous or current site activity.


Ads Display 

The ads that appears on the site is been manage by Google advert which may contains any type of product displayed in the website for positive purpose.


Do you think we should make an adjustment or include someone other things to this very policies?

You can also contribute to this policies by emailing us


This Privacy Police was edited last 2019 


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